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Web Designer San Diego is a website design company located in beautiful San Diego. I design websites that can be viewed by all of today’s devices that are accessing the web. Be it a smartphone, tablet or a PC, your website will adjust automatically to be optimized for a pleasing viewing experience.

According to a recent Gartner’s PC installed base forecast, smartphones and browser-equipped enhanced phones will be greater than the installed base for PCs. This means that a business that does not have a website that is smartphone compatible will be losing a greater market share then a business that has taken into account how their website is being accessed.

What does your website currently look like when being viewed by a smartphone or a tablet? Is your current website losing or worst, driving away customers?

We design websites that are called “responsive website design”. To see how a responsive website works just resize your web browser while viewing this website.

What is responsive website design?

Responsive website design is a method of designing a website that adapts itself to the screen width that is viewing a website. It's biggest advantage is that a business does not need several different websites (i.e. one for mobile, one for tablets, and then finally one for a PC)....(Read More)

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