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"Websites not optimized for the smaller-screen formats will become a market barrier for their owners ..."

How does your website look when being viewed by a smartphone, tablet and a PC? Are you losing customers because they cannot access your website when they view it on their smartphone?

Web Designer San Diego designs websites that are fluid in nature. To see how this works just resize your browser as you view this website.

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What is a Fluid Grid Website?

A Fluid Grid Website is a website that adapts itself to whatever device is viewing your website. You will not need different applications, i.e. Apple, Android apps, for your website to be viewed by all of todays devices. One website takes the headaches out of having to update several different applications.

Google endorses Fluid Grid Websites. This helps in getting your website ranked higher in Google's search. (Getting ranked higher in Google search takes into account several aspects, this being one the many.)

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Design Guidelines

Designing for a fluid grid website needs to take into account several considerations. We have put together several guidelines to help you in the preliminary stages of designing your website. You can review these guidelines on our Web Designer San Diego fluid grid website design guidelines.


Review some of our websites that we designed on our Portfolio page to see some design examples of a Fluid Grid Website in-action.